Volume 27 Issue 3, 2012

Forensic and Scientific Services, Information Research Services

Australasian Libraries in the Emergency Sector (ALIES)


ALIES Australasian Libraries in the Emergency Sector

The current Forensic and Scientific Services Library moved with the Government Chemical Laboratory from its premises in the City to Coopers Plains in 1989. As a business unit within Queensland Health, Information Research Services provides services to clients based at the Coopers Plains campus, as well as state wide services to Pathology Queensland staff; FSS staff based off-site and other clients within Queensland Health.

In 2009/2010 DEEDI and CSIRO library staff were accommodated within the existing FSS library area, as part of the Coopers Plains Health and Food Science Precinct. The libraries share a front line service where initial enquiries and services are provided jointly by all agency staff regardless of their affiliation.

Information Research services provides services that include literature searches, current awareness alerts, journal and database subscriptions, book purchasing, document supply from internal and international sources, help with bibliography management and citation and information skills training.

Staff in FSS Information Research Services serve:

  • Forensic and Scientific Services
  • Biomedical Technology Services (BTS)
  • Brisbane Southside Population Health Unit (SPHS)
  • Queensland Bone Bank
  • Pathology Queensland and
  • National Research Centre for Environmental Toxicology (Entox)

Information Research Services currently has
7.5 full time staff which includes the Library Manager, 4 x liaison/liaison support (including collection management and document delivery) and 2.5 staff in electronic and technical services.

Photograph of a small library with bookshelves, a desk and a chair

Government Chemical Laboratory Library, research area (circa 1920).

Purpose, role, function
(within organisation and wider community)

Information Research Services at Forensic and Scientific Services links people with information. It’s a vital part of our commitment to promoting the delivery of information and sharing our expertise to help our clients achieve their research and business goals.

Staff in Information Research Services provide services that include literature searches, current awareness alerts, journal and database subscriptions, book purchasing, document supply from internal and international sources, help with bibliography management and citation, negotiating/communicating with vendors to achieve access to online licensed material at library prices and providing on-site and remote access to a range of online material including journals such as Forensic Science International and online books through CRC press.

Experienced staff scan local, national and international news and other media resources to provide scientists and researchers with up to date content alerts via email. The focus of the news alerts is on breaking stories, public health outbreaks, issues relating to Queensland Health in general and FSS specifically which are important to management, ongoing legal cases and new research from subject areas relating to the services provided by FSS.

Staff have expertise in literature searching and information evaluation. Information can be supplied from a wide range of national and international databases. Staff are extremely adept at sourcing information from a range of secondary and tertiary sources.

The Document Delivery service provides journal articles, reports and books from other Australian libraries and from a variety of overseas sources, as well as from our own collection. This service greatly reduces the cost of subscriptions as information not within our specific collection area can be sourced from a network of libraries.

Photograph of a library with books, tables and chairs, and an indoor plant

The library today.

Staff maintain a digital repository of research published by FSS staff members. This repository (eprints) is available from the Queensland health network. The eprints database ensures that the intellectual output of the staff employed by FSS is maintained and accessible.

FSS in the news – Staff maintain a digital database of news items which directly reference Forensic and Scientific Services or John Tonge Centre. This database is available via the Queensland Health network and seeks to digitise and make available all news reports pertaining to the business unit.

Information Research Services provides access to AS/NZS and ISO documents to maintain accreditation and quality within the organisation.

Info about library

The library is open 5 days a week. 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Thursday and 8.30am to 4.30pm Fridays. Access is to Queensland Health staff only. Public wishing to access the collection may do so at the discretion of the Library Manager.

Manager, Information Research Services

Imelda Ryan 32749043 imelda_ryan@health.qld.gov.au

Electronic and Technical Services

Trish Murphy 30009903

Liaison Librarians

Carol Church 32749237

Jennifer Vaisey 32749238

Document delivery


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