Volume 26 Issue 4, 2011

Pictorial community safety action guides


Building resilient communities


Six pictorial action guides have been developed for culturally and linguistically diverse communities.

Each guide depicts a different hazard and shows through images and clear messages how best to be prepared and act to minimise any adverse effects.

In support of the National Strategy for Disaster Resilience, the guides aim to raise awareness of natural hazards that may occur in Australia and present the information in a meaningful format for those who speak English as a second language.

They are available on the Emergency Management in Australia website, www.ema.gov.au.

Illustration of SES officers looking at a tree fallen on a car

An illustration of people standing, driving, canoing in floodwaters. There are big red crosses over the top.

An illustration of a weather man on TV.   An illustration of people at an evacuation centre with a big green tick over the top.

Storm ~ Flood ~ Earthquake ~ Cyclone ~ Lightning ~ Heatwave

Project Red

The Centre for Multicultural Youth conducted a consultation with young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds to discuss emergency management volunteering – their awareness and understanding of the roles; interest in, barriers to and opportunities for active participation.

A report is available from the Emergency Management in Australia website, www.ema.gov.au

For further information email: communities@ag.gov.au

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