Volume 26 Issue 4, 2011

Interesting websites: Towards a more disaster resilient and safer Victoria



A screenshot of one of the Victoria Government’s webpages. The webpage is about a Green Paper called “Towards a More Disaster Resilient and Safer Victoria”.

Towards a More Disaster Resilient and Safer Victoria

Victoria's emergency services are among the best in the world, but like many places, Victoria will continue to face significant emergency risks. Victoria needs a modern 'all-hazards' (both natural and man-made) emergency management system to better prepare Victorians for the future.

As a consequence, The Victorian Government has developed a green paper entitled Towards a More Disaster Resilient and Safer Victoria and it is interested in your views on how Victoria can better prevent, mitigate, respond to and recover from emergencies.

You can share your opinion on the questions and options contained in the Victorian Government’s green paper located at this URL: