Volume 25 Issue 1, 2010

National Security Updates: Working Together to Make a Safer Community

ACT CALD Conference — Saturday 17th October 2009


A large group of adults wearing emergency services uniforms or civilian clothing seated at round tables in a large conference room.

A large gathering of emergency services personnel, CALD community organisation representatives and community members attended a conference on Saturday 17th October organised by ACT’s Emergency Services Agency in conjunction with the Australian Federal Police and Office of Multicultural Affairs, Department of Disability Housing and Community Services.

The conference was opened by the Minister for Multicultural Affairs, the Honourable John Hargreaves with various guest speakers from the community and emergency services, sharing information about their previous experience of and the various organisational roles in emergency management. The importance of continuing the vital work of developing relationships and actively involving and partnering with CALD communities and organisations, was a message that resonated throughout the day.

Group discussions explored 5 key areas:

  • Building partnerships with multicultural organisations; improving relationships
  • Building cultural capabilities in emergency services; what can the services be doing?
  • Engaging newly arrived communities; challenges and opportunities
  • Engaging faith communities; challenges and opportunities
  • Developing effective diversity communication and information resources; are they accessible?

A summary will be developed by ACT Emergency Services Agency’s CALD Liaison Officer to further future initiatives for the ACT.

Four adults wearing yellow and black outfits playing various percussion instrumentsA red chinese pantomime dragon is headbutting a woman wearing an orange emergency services uniform Four different emergency services jackets hanging in windows above a table covered with emergency equipment and information items

This activity was undertaken by ACT’s Jurisdictional Community Partnership project, a component of AGD’s Inclusive Emergency Management with Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities Program.

Further information regarding this program can be provided by contacting AGD’s CALD Project Officer on (03) 5421 5295