Volume 29 Issue 3, 2014

AJEM starts a new journey

Australian Emergency Management Institute

2015 will see AJEM's 25th anniversary, and some changes are in its future.


Screenshot of the new Australian Journal of Emergency Management website featuring Volume 29, No. 2.

In 2015 the Australian Emergency Management Institute will mark 25 years of publishing the Australian Journal of Emergency Management. To acknowledge this significant milestone, we are introducing changes to ensure our enthusiastic readers can continue to enjoy the Journal well into the future.

The Journal has been documenting research and stimulating discussion and scholarly debate since 1985. Its pages have featured extensive analysis, considered views, lessons learned and insights into current and future issues. It is now among the key resources for researchers in all areas of emergency management, both locally and internationally. Its contributors – both authors and peer reviewers – are across the globe.

In recognition of our broadening scope and global relevance, we are now publishing AJEM on the new website platform.

But hold on! The new website only has a few AJEM editions visible, I hear you say. Archived editions are all still available online at www.em.gov.au/ajem. During 2015 AJEM will reopen its print subscription list for those wanting a print copy mailed to an address on a cost-recovery basis. Email subscription remains free of charge.

For AJEM devotees and new readers alike the new site brings easy search and ready access to the wealth of AJEM material right to the fore. Yes, it’s all about the content. And as its article library rapidly grows, unique searches will delivery targeted content tailored to you.

For authors and reviewers, the site will become the central place to manage contributions. There is just so much amazing ‘stuff’ behind the scenes! Little by little (or maybe a lot) it will keep growing in article library and content.

So, visit the site often and take a look at what’s new each month. We’ll have a “New Site Poll’ running for a few months to feed any comments you make directly to the development team. So, your say counts.

Direct access to the site is:
https://ajem.infoservices.com.au or go to
www.em.gov.au/ajem for the archive.

Email us: ajem@ag.gov.au.