Volume 29 Issue 3, 2014

Bushfire CRC, Research to drive change

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Research to drive change.
Sharing outcomes, building knowledge.

The Bushfire CRC is taking an important step to make sure research findings from the past three years are accessible to a range of audiences.

It is producing a number of documentary-style videos and conducting online forums for its partners around Australia and New Zealand to stimulate discussion and raise awareness of the various projects and their outcomes. The forums began in May 2014 and continue to September.

The online forums are a practical approach that allows staff and volunteers from fire and land management agencies, along with researchers, to participate. Each forum features leading researchers and industry end-users discussing research findings, what each finding means, and answering questions. Importantly, each video and forum is accessible in the future, along with Bushfire CRC Fire Notes and more in-depth research reports.

The Bushfire CRC believes the Research To Drive Change online forums are an important step in achieving the recognition the science deserves. Log on and attend the online forums free of charge.

Research to Drive Change online forums:
May to September 2014

Topics covered:

  • bushfire community safety
  • next generation fire modelling
  • extreme fire behaviour
  • firefighter health and safety
  • ecology
  • incident management
  • economics to help decision-making.

Registration details and forum dates: