Volume 28 Issue 2, 2013

Australian Emergency Management Institute

Australian Emergency Management Institute

The Australian Emergency Management Institute (AEMI) is a Centre of Excellence for education research and training in the emergency management sector.


In support of the COAG National Strategy for Disaster Resilience (2011) AEMI:

  • Provides education and training
  • Conducts strategic activities
  • Undertakes applied research
  • Promotes community awareness and education.

Advanced Diploma of Public Safety (Emergency Management)

The Advanced Diploma of Public Safety (Emergency Management) is the flagship educational product of AEMI. This nationallly-recognised program is undertaken over 2 years full time (or equivalent) study under the tutelage of AEMI’s highly experienced emergency management educators and guest lecturers.

Apply now for upcoming units of study

Date Unit of study
4–7 June Coordinate resources for a multi-agency incident
5–6 June Establish and manage a recovery centre
16–19 July Community in emergency management
22–26 July Facilitate emergency risk management
29–31 July Manage recovery functions and services
6–8 August Develop and use political nous
20–23 August Develop and organise public safety awareness programs
26-29 August Develop and maintain business continuity plans
27–29 August Develop and use political nous

For further information please visit www.em.gov.au/aemi
Email: aemi@ag.gov.au
Phone (03) 5421 5100

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