Volume 27 Issue 3, 2012

Australian Emergency Management Institute

Australian Emergency Management Institute

The Australian Emergency Management Institute (AEMI) is a Centre of Excellence for education, research and training in the emergency management sector.


In support of the COAG National Strategy for Disaster Resilience (2011) AEMI:

  • Provides education and training
  • Conducts strategic activities
  • Undertakes applied research
  • Promotes community awareness and resilience

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28 – 30 August Develop and organise public safety awareness programs

28 – 31 August Develop and manage activities that exercise elements of emergency management

4 – 7 September Coordinate resources for a multi agency incident

5 – 6 September Establish and manage a recovery centre

10 – 14 September Facilitate emergency risk management

25 – 27 September Develop and use political nous

1 – 3 October Manage recovery functions and services

16 – 19 October Develop and maintain business continuity plans

30 October – 2 November Design and manage activities that exercise elements of emergency management

For further information visit: www.em.gov.au/aemi
Email aemi@ag.gov.au or Phone (03) 5421 5100

Building resilience through education, collaboration and innovation