Volume 27 Issue 1, 2012

Introducing the DEEDI Library and Research Services

Australasian Libraries in the Emergency Sector (ALIES)


The Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation (DEEDI) was formed after the Queensland state election in 2009, from the amalgamation of 8 agencies. The only agency with an in-house library service was the former Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries, and this library has expanded to now become DEEDI Library & Research Services (L&RS).

DEEDI works in the areas of employment, innovation, industry development, primary industries, fisheries, trade and investment, biosecurity, minerals, petroleum and gas, energy, tourism, rural and regional development, gaming and racing. It is responsible for driving and delivering a strong economy for all Queenslanders, and the Department works to drive job creation, create an investment climate that supports sustainable economic and industry development across Queensland and develop and implement trade initiatives and opportunities for Queensland business.

Within the last 12 months, DEEDI L&RS has moved into two new libraries, operated in conjunction with other agencies. EcoSciences Precinct library is shared with CSIRO and the Queensland Department of Environment and Resource Management, while Coopers Plains Health and Food Science Precinct is shared with CSIRO and Qld Health. These have been very cooperative and beneficial arrangements for all involved, and library staff enjoys closer contact with library clients and librarians from other agencies. Library clients too, enjoy the new state-of-the-art facilities, and they are proving very popular as meeting venues and collaborative spaces where staff can interact away from their desks and laboratories.

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A large room lined with bookshelves, with tables, chairs and armchairs.

The Coopers Plains Health and Food Sciences Precinct library provides a welcoming environment to catch up on the latest publications.

Role and function

DEEDI L&RS actively supports the scientific research, regulatory, policy and program work of the agency. The Library provides a comprehensive suite of electronic resources to staff via the eLibrary desktop, as well as print holdings at staffed collections around Brisbane. As much as possible, we aim to have all resources available to all staff to access, and we encourage self-sufficiency amongst our clients. The eLibrary provides access to over 20,000 full text journals, and over 100 databases, including the ‘Business continuity & disaster recovery reference centre’ database, covering management, business impact analysis, crisis communications and disaster mitigation.

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We have recently developed a range of subject guides to assist, on topics including disaster recovery. These guides pull together links to journals, websites, ebooks, and the latest research and reports to get people in touch with relevant resources more quickly. Document delivery is also an important adjunct to in-house resources, and is a consistently busy area of activity.

The entrance to a library

The entrance to the EcoSciences Precinct Library, centrally located on the ground floor of the middle tower of  he complex.

A central pillar of our service is the comprehensive training program we offer. This equips staff with the skills and knowledge to select and utilise the best resources for their needs, and we offer in-person, remote and on-line training to accomplish this.

DEEDI undertakes significant biosecurity work as part of its role in protecting animal and plant food resources, and ensuring market access for our agricultural producers and products. The Library makes an important contribution to this through information and literature searching, and compilation of an internal weekly newsletter. Our ‘Biosecurity Update’ incorporates news stories, internet sites and list serv entries, monitoring pest and disease outbreaks in plant crops and food animals, with particular emphasis on zoonotic organisms.

Our Reference and Research service is often consulted early in the detection of disease outbreaks, and we are regular contributors to the Department’s emergency response through the work we do for officers ‘in the field’ and in laboratories where pest and disease diagnoses are made.

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Biosecurity manager, NSW.

Staffing and Service Centres

We have 13 positions in total, including the Manager, a Senior Librarian, 5 librarians, 3.6 library technicians and administrative staff, all providing services to staff from 3 libraries: Primary Industries Building, EcoSciences Precinct, and the Health and Food Sciences Library at Coopers Plains.

Contact details

email: library.research@deedi.qld.gov.au

phone: 3239 3126

DEEDI website: http://www.deedi.qld.gov.au/

DEEDI library web page: http://www.dpi.qld.gov.au/30_173.htm

A large room lined with bookshelves, with chairs and tables

The EcoSciences Precinct Library is regularly used for meetings and training events.