Volume 22 Issue 2, 2007

How the United States is reducing its firefighter fatalities

Gareth Burton

Peer-reviewed Article

Gareth Burton outlines some of the initiatives the US is taking to reduce its firefighter deaths

Archived Article


On average one hundred firefighters lose their lives in the line of duty each year in the United States. Review of the data indicates that the number of firefighter deaths in recent years is less than the number of firefighter fatalities in the late 1980s. However when the data is considered with regard to the number of emergency calls, it is found that the number of firefighter deaths per call has increased. In 2004, a goal was established at the Life Safety Summit to reduce firefighter deaths within the United States by twenty-five percent within five years and by fifty percent within ten years. This article discusses initiatives that have been implemented in an attempt to bring about the desired reduction.