Volume 19 Issue 2, 2004

A knowledge management infrastructure for the NSW Fire Brigades

Anne Pickles

Peer-reviewed Article

Archived Article


A key corporate goal of the NSW Fire Brigades (NSWFB) is using information to learn and improve our service. The NSWFB is an information rich organisation, but at present lacks effective means for sharing information across the organisation, or with other organisations. The NSWFB’s Information Management and Technology Strategy has a vision for the NSWFB of: an efficient, effective, integrated information and knowledge sharing framework. One of the strategies for achieving this vision is the development of a knowledge management infrastructure, for which the NSWFB is currently developing a business case. This paper will outline the components of the project and discuss how the introduction of the systems of knowledge management infrastructure can be used to move the NSWFB towards a knowledge management culture.