Volume 19 Issue 1, 2004

Integration of Emergency Risk Management into West Australian Indigenous communities

Moya Newman, Scott, rew Smith, Fire, Emergency Services Authority of WA

Archived Article


The Fire and Emergency Services Authority of Western Australia (FESA) has developed a framework to coordinate the introduction of the emergency risk management process into West Australian Indigenous communities. The Framework evolved from an original project originally funded by the EMA Projects Program in 2000. The draft FESA Framework was distributed to key FESA Directors for consideration as it is not intended to replace or halt existing initiatives, rather to enhance their effectiveness and to consolidate the efforts of the various FESA divisions to ensure a common and economically sound outcome. The first project focused on the development of a training program that was culturally appropriate and effective for use with indigenous communities irrespective of their location within Western Australia. The Framework includes a strategic overview, roles and responsibilities, outcomes and evaluation strategies. The Framework was developed to be consistent with FESA’s values while acknowledging the specific cultural needs of West Australian indigenous communities.